Movie of the Week: Prometheus

Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s kinda/sorta prequel to his 1979 sci-fi classic, Alien, is visually stunning but surprisingly empty.  I really wanted to love this movie more than I actually did. It felt like two films uncomfortably mashed together.  One film is a straight-up Alien prequel with the typical “trapped in an alien enviornment/no one can hear you scream in outer space” tropes but with Scott’s flair and panache (this is probably from the original script by Jon Spaihts).  The other film, likely from Damon Lindelof’s rewrite, is a philosophical about the nature of our creation and what makes us human. The movie asks all the big questions like “Who made us?” and “Where did we come from?” but when it comes to answering those questions, well…let’s just say you can take the writer out of Lost but you can’t take Lost out of the writer.

Michael Fassbender’s performance as the android David is almost worth the price of admission. He singlehandley carries this film with his probing questions and bemusement at the people he’s been charged to assist while working on his own agenda (The one takeaway I get from Scott’s films is don’t trust artificial life). Noomi Rapace was also great as archeologist Elizabeth Shaw whose discoveries on Earth fuels Prometheus’ mission particualrly during her intense race to save her own life.

I have a couple of qualms that I can’t get into without spoilers so if you haven’t seen it, you can stop reading here:


  • What was David’s motivation for infecting Charlie (Logan Marshall-Green)?  I assumed it was under the direction of Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) but he only seemed interested in meeting the Engineer.
  • Was it really worth it to have Guy Pearce in old man makeup instead of just hiring an older actor? I think not.
  • After Shaw has the alien surgically removed from her body, why doesn’t ANYONE comment on this fact? She attacked two of the crew while they tried to put her in stasis. Then they see her again with staples in her stomach and no one asks, “Hey, what happened?”
  • How does Shaw even survive running around after her surgery?
  • How does Fifield (Sean Harris) get lost since he was responsible for mapping the area?
  • How many accents did Idris Elba try out during the movie? I counted three.  Two were bad.



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