Don’t Call Me During…: Fall 2012 – Mondays

8:00 pm: How I Met Your Mother (CBS; 9/23)
There isn’t a show on television that needs an end date more than HIMYM.  I’m just about ready to quit this show.  I don’t need to see Lily and Marshall as parents. I don’t need to know how Barney ended up marrying (spoiler).  Just knowing that they do get married is enough for me. Just give us the mother and everyone can move on.

8:00 pm: Bones (FOX; 9/17)
Bones is a bit of a guilty pleasure. I don’t feel like I need to watch it consistently.  I can pop right in whenever I want. I generally hate procedurals but this is one of the few exceptions where I haven’t gotten tired of the repetitive formula.

9:00 pm: Gossip Girl (CW; 10/8)
The final season! Yes, soon I will finally be free fo this show.  I was never going to dump it no matter how bad it got. I needed the show to make the first move.

10:00 pm: Revolution (NBC; 9/17)
This show looks dumb as hell but I’ll always give a J.J. Abrams show at least one shot.

10:00 pm: Castle (ABC; 9/24)
This is Moonlighting for this generation.  That said, that show fell apart when the principals got together.  Just saying.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me During…: Fall 2012 – Mondays

  1. I love any Moonlighting reference. I loved that show when I was younger. I’d love to watch it again and see if it still holds up.

  2. I will say this – I sort of liked Moonlighting when I was younger, but I think a lot of it may have been my older sister liking it too. I know I couldn’t have gotten a lot of the references in it. On a whim I started watching from the beginning a few weeks ago, and aside from some things that just reek of the ’80s and I guess maybe some limitations of the era, I think the show holds up pretty well. I’ve enjoyed almost all the episodes out of the dozen or so I’ve watched. And the David/Maddy relationship and dialogue still makes me laugh.

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