Movie of the Week: Bachelorette

Bachelorette is the movie I thought/hoped Bridesmaids was going to be. It was funny and crude. This was closer to a female equivalent of The Hangover.

This was the best role I’ve seen Kirsten Dunst (Regan) play in ages. She was always better at being the serious, slightly mean one as opposed to the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” she’s been cast as throughout the 2000s. I love everything that Lizzy Caplan (Gena) does so I was biased to love her performance. Having her play opposite her former Party Down castmate, Adam Scott (Clyde), was an added bonus. They always had good chemistry and now I’m mad again that Starz cancelled it.

I usually find Isla Fisher (Katie) annoying but she was used well here. It was similar to her breakout performance in Wedding Crashers. It was strange to see Rebel Wilson (Becky) be the normal one. It seems almost a waste of her talents. She had very few moments to shine.

The supporting cast (including James Marsden not playing a guy who gets dumped for a better guy) were all solid. Even though the movie ended too happily for where the characters started, I still thought it was really funny.


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