The Question Remains

It’s been over three weeks and I still haven’t written a post about our wedding.

That’s pretty bad.  I’ve started writing it in my mind almost every morning but can’t decide which direction to approach it from.

While I sort all that out in my mind, I decided to try something different.

Either via e-mail or in the comment section, ask me any question about the wedding.  I’ll take my favorite ones and reply to them in a post later this week.

Have at it, my few but faithful readers.

Photo by Michael Fletcher Photography


7 thoughts on “The Question Remains

  1. what did your family think of the loteria chicana style wedding? did they see cultural differences between the wedding styles they might be used to?

  2. of all the emotions that come with a wedding day, what emotion surprised you the most? p.s. i love you and the lady of the house!

  3. Is there anything you were initially hesitant about that you were later glad you did/did not do? I’m looking at you, photo booth!

  4. Did you get to spend time with the people who came from the east coast for the wedding? Did it go by too fast or were you able to enjoy each moment?

  5. What thoughts ran through your head when you first saw Cindy appear in her wedding dress down the aisle? That’s a cliche question I know, but I always love to see the look on the guy’s face when he sees his bride and since I had to miss it I’d love to hear what you were thinking.

  6. I’ve rarely seen grooms input as many of their own details as you did (cufflinks, comic props for the photo booth, Batman socks). What made you not take the “just tell me where to show up” route?

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