Someone not named Derek Jeter is going to be playing shortstop for however long the Yankees last in the postseason.

Someone not named Mariano Rivera is already the closer.

Someone pretending to be Alex Rodriguez is struggling to hit fastballs*.

This is brief glimpse into the future of the New York Yankees and I don’t like it one bit.

* I don’t want to hear shit about “Oh, Alex Rodriguez is older now and doesn’t have the same bat speed.  Last time I checked, Raul Ibanez was 40 years old and he seems to be doing just fine.


One thought on “Hurt

  1. Sucks to see what happened to Jeter last night. You always want both teams to field their best players in the playoffs. I’m not a Yanks fan but appreciate their talent starting with C. As for Ibanez, that dude is the most streaky, clutch hitter as far back as I remember. Hopefully Girardi does the right think and keeps playing him and Arod can check the ego a little bit for the sake of the team.

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