Love is the Answer, Part 1

Do men actually get nervous or is that all Hollywood fodder? (Tabitha)

I was nervous but not about getting married. I was nervous about something going wrong. I was nervous about being late. I was nervous about crying during the reception (almost!). But getting married to the love of my life? I was so excited by that it was almost overwhelming.

Did you get to spend time with the people who came from the east coast for the wedding? Did it go by too fast or were you able to enjoy each moment? (Heather)

I definitely felt like I didn’t get to spend enough time with the people who came from the East Coast. One of the downsides of having a large wedding is you spend so much time going table to table greeting guests that you never really get to spend a lot of time individually with anyone. I know that people traveled thousands of miles for the wedding and I wish I could have spent more time with every one of them.

Everyone warned me but it’s true. Your wedding really does go by so fast. By the time we finished the garter toss, it felt like the wedding was almost over.  While I was exhausted by the end, I wish I had more time to talk to people, dance and take photos in our booth.

What thoughts ran through your head when you first saw Cindy appear in her wedding dress down the aisle? (Noma/Cynthia)

Three thoughts:
1) Wow.
2) Finally!
3) Don’t cry.

Of all the emotions that come with a wedding day, what emotion surprised you the most? (Kristy)

As I saw my friends coming into the church before the ceremony started, I got a little emotional and almost cried. Many of them came from New York and I hadn’t seen them in months (in some cases, since I moved in 2012). Seeing everyone smiling, waving at me and waiting for me to get married to Cindy, I never felt so loved in my entire life.

Photos by Eric Raphael and Michael Fletcher Photography


One thought on “Love is the Answer, Part 1

  1. Congratulations!! I started reading Cindy’s blog a few years ago when I found it looking for Halloween costume ideas. I’m very happy for you two and thank you for sharing your wedding with us strangers on the internet. I don’t know either of you IRL but I love seeing pictures of your big day and enjoy reading about it, too. I get all teary!

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