Love is the Answer, Part 2

What was the one thing you anticipated happening that didn’t happen? (Sheila)

No one really cried. Cindy and I were joking all month leading up to the wedding , “Oh, you’re going to cry when this happens” and “Your dad is going to cry during father-daughter dance.” We even made a little bet about it. I almost lost during the vows but at the end of the day, everyone kept their money

What would you do differently? (Tabitha)

The one thing that stands out is the rehearsal dinner. Not that there was anything wrong with the dinner itself. Because we never said when the dinner was ending, I had family members showing up much later in the evening than anticipated (My family did nothing to dispute the stereotype of CPT all weekend). While I’m glad everyone showed up, I would have liked to have been wrapped up sooner so we could have gotten to the hotel and relaxed a bit (not that a slept AT ALL that night).

What one moment do you remember most vividly? (Effie)

During the ceremony while Father Ricky was giving us a blessing, Cindy and I were holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes. Then she tried to make me laugh. What a jerk.

How exhausting are weddings really? (Tabitha)
It depends. The week of the wedding, I found myself thinking about all the all-inclusive wedding venues we passed up on because of their costs or the wedding planners who just take care of every single detail. I now saw why people paid all that money. We spent a few late nights the week of the wedding making placecards, table numbers and welcome bags for out-of-towners. Cindy’s sister Lori was up all night making cupcakes. I spent the morning of the wedding dropping off 20+ boxes of wine and champagne at the venue. While I liked being hands-on with the wedding, there were times where I wished that all we had to do was show up to the wedding.

Taking photos wouldn’t have been tiring if it wasn’t so damn hot (the high was 107). We were planning to take photos at a local park but thanks to LA’s ridiculous permit policies, we decided it wasn’t worth it. That would have been a nightmare.

At the actual wedding, it doesn’t feel like we got to do a lot of sitting. After we did our first dance and ate, we went around table to table to greet guests, only stopping for other events on the schedule (father-daughter/mother-son dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc.). By the end of the night, my feet were killing me (rental tuxedo shoes are not that comfortable).

Photos by Tabitha Mason-Elliott and Isabel Morales


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