Love is the Answer, Part 3

I’ve rarely seen groom’s input as many of their own details as you did (cufflinks, comic props for the photo booth, Batman socks). What made you not take the “just tell me where to show up” route? (Tish)

I really thought hard about this one and frankly, it is because Cindy let me. I had a lot of wild ideas about things I wanted to do for our wedding and if, at any point, Cindy had said “no,” I wouldn’t have done it. I might have been salty but I would have acquiesced.

Everyone knows that weddings are really about the bride. That’s why there aren’t any groom magazines. Luckily, Cindy isn’t one of those brides. She let me express my geekiness all throughout our wedding. This is my big day too!

For the record, the comic book props for the photobooth was all Cindy’s idea. I just ran with it. Just another reason I knew I picked the right woman to spend the rest of my life with.

What’s one thing (besides getting married) that you are so happy happened? (Sheila)

There was a point when the DJ started mixing reggae music with some Mexican songs and members of my family and Cindy’s family were dancing together, cheering each other on like it was a dance-off. I was too far away from the dance floor to join in but it made me happy to see everyone having a good time.

Funniest thing said by anyone? (Sheila)

Without naming names, one of the members of the wedding party was in bad shape during the reception. When Derreck, one of my groomsmen, told me about this, he said that person was sitting outside “contemplating his life.”

What went wrong that only you and she knew about? (Tabitha)

A few things went wrong but nothing major:

  • Father Ricky read the wrong Gospel passage during the ceremony
  • We were supposed to enter to “A Little Respect” by Erasure not the mariachi band which pissed us both off.
  • We made these little place cards with the #bicoastalwedding hashtag so people would tag their photos on social media and we could track them down later. Those didn’t make it to the tables.
  • We bought lanterns for the patio that never made it out there.
  • The flowers on top of our wedding cake wilted either in the heat or in the fridge
  • Cindy wasn’t feeling well by the end of the night.

Top 5 best moments (Christine)

  1. First dance with Cindy. I has been looking forward to dancing with Cindy to “My Favourite Book” by Stars for a long time. It was on the first “Cindy Rock” mix I sent her back in 2008.
  2. Finally seeing Cindy in her wedding dress.
  3. My brother’s best man speech. He had been hyping it up all weekend long and it definitely lived up to it. I don’t want to say anymore because he’s gotten enough of an ego boost from it.
  4. Watching our flower girls, Isabelle and Asha, holding hands as they walked down the aisle. I was afraid they’d be nervous leading up to the ceremony but they became instant best friends upon meeting the day before at the rehearsal dinner. They were so happy and relaxed that it made me relax a little.
  5. During the mother/son dance, my mother asked me, “Are you happy?” I said, “Yes” and she said, “Then I’m happy for you.”

Photobooth provided by Paparazzi Photobooths. Cake cutting photo by Juan Rodriguez


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