10 Rash Thoughts About The 2012 New York Yankees

The Detroit Tigers finally put the Yankees out of their misery and swept them out of the playoffs.  A rational person would sleep on it and wait until the morning to write all his or her thoughts down.  I’m a Yankees and therefore cannot be considered a rational person.

  1. After Jeter got hurt, this team was never the same.  It was as-if Jeter’s injury was a built-in excuse to lose.
  2. I’m glad C.C. Sabathia got rocked in Game Four.  The Yankees’ starting pitching had been pretty stellar this postseason (not as good as the Tigers but I digress).  Even if C.C. only gave up two runs and pitched a gem, he would have lost just like Kuroda in Game Two. After the third inning where Mark Texiera had a ridiculous error and Nunez tried to top him by misplaying a chopper through the middle, C.C. said “Screw this” and wanted out too.
  3. If it comes out that the Yankees bet on these games like the 1919 Chicago Black Sox, I would actually be relived.  That would make more sense then 80% of the team suddenly being unable to hit.
  4. For all the talk about Alex Rodriguez, the player who disappointed me the most of was Robinson Cano.  I can’t believe he went 0-29 in the postseason until finally breaking through with a single at the end of Game Three. A-Rod, Swisher, Granderson, those guys I expected to slump in the postseason but every time Cano came to bat, I thought, “This is the one.  He’s going to flick his wrist and clobber the ball.”  It just never happened.
  5. If Joe Girardi gets fired as a result of this series, I’ll feel bad for him but I won’t argue with the decision.  His panic lineups made no sense.  Yes, Swisher, Granderson and A-Rod were struggling but they still had more of an upside offensively than Gardner, Nunez and Chavez.
  6. After it was clear the Yankees were going to lose this series after Game Two, these were my hopes in order of importance: No perfect game, No no-hitter, No one hitter, No sweep.  I’ll live with the last one
  7. I bet Josh Hamilton’s agent has been texting GM Brian Cashman after every Granderson at-bat.
  8. I feel bad for Kevin Long.  Even though he can’t go out there and make them execute, when your team can’t muster more than 11 hits in 27 innings, you’re probably getting fired.
  9. Every diehard Yankees fan will type “baseball free agents 2012-13” into Google in the next 48 hours (Spoilers: It’s not that good list past Josh Hamilton and B.J. Upton).
  10. Some years I’m okay with the Yankees not winning a World Series and this is one of those years.  I didn’t think we were that great coming into the season and was mostly surprised by our success despite a lot of injuries particularly in the rotation (we are continuously forced start Freddie Garcia!).  That said, I didn’t want to go out like this. No one does.

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