Love is the Answer, Part 4

What was the best part? (Tabitha)

My favorite part was the dollar dance.  I was concerned that it would slow the wedding down but it really gave me one on one time with a lot of people that I may not have gotten a chance to otherwise.  Some of my male friends also got in on the fun.  The only downside is that I got inadvertently stabbed by so many pins, I started to feel numb by the end of it.

Explain, in detail, how your wedding did or did not lineup with the following “famous” movie/TV wedding scenes/moments: The Graduate, Ross’s wedding to British Emily, My Best Friend’s Wedding, any Godfather wedding, Twilight wedding, Father of the Bride, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Kill Bill and The Princess Bride. (Jennie)

Well, no one tried to break up the wedding, said the wrong name, was or became a vampire, arranged for the strong arming of any movie producers or was killed before it happened. Also, since there wasn’t a siege on the church making us skip to the “man and wife” part nor was it originally a Broadway musical that Cindy used to trick me into marrying her, our wedding was pretty standard.

During the wedding (reception and ceremony), what was going through your mind the most: the past (memories of the two of you, etc.), the present (this moment is so awesome), or the future (I can’t wait to be sitting around watching TV with my wife)?  (Mark)

I did find myself thinking about the beginning of our relationship, particularly our first “engagement” when I proposed to her via fax. It’s funny how far we’ve come.

What did your family think of the loteria chicana style wedding? Did they see cultural differences between the wedding styles they might be used to? (Elena)

I think the only thing they noticed were that there were A LOT of people there. The one comment I kept hearing was “I’ve never been to a wedding so large.”

Is there anything you were initially hesitant about that you were later glad you did/did not do? (Tony)

We had initially planned to take photos in one of the parks near the church or the reception. The process and the cost of getting a permit and permissions to use the parks was so much of a hassle that we decided to skip it. We also were going to rent a classic car for Cindy to ride in the church in and for us to take photos with.

In both cases, we’re glad we didn’t do either because the high for the day was 107. Taking photos in the park in that heat without being able to duck inside for air conditioning would have been unbearable and made us miserable. Those classic cars have no air conditioning. To sit inside on in that heat would have done a number on Cindy’s hair, makeup and disposition.

Is Cindy pushing you to learn Spanish and, if so, how’d that go the day of the wedding? Did you have some of her peeps talking to you in Spanish? (Gustavo)

Nope.  Cindy hasn’t pushed me to learn Spanish but I need to push myself.  If our future children are going to speak Spanish, I don’t want everyone talking behind my back to my face.

Photos by Nikki Copas and Michael Fletcher Photography


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