“Revenge” Isn’t Sweet

Sometimes a show should only last one season. No matter how entertaining the premise, some concepts can only be stretched so far. Revenge is turning out to be one of them.

The fun of show was watching Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) seek revenge against the people that led to her father’s wrongful imprisonment and death.  The main targets were the Grayson Family, led by matriarch Victoria Grayson (Madeline Stowe). They orchestrated the framing of Emily’s father so clearly they needed to suffer the most.

The writers/producers would have been best served stretching out Emily systematically taking down the offenders. Instead, she was pretty much done with her list by the halfway mark of season one with only the Graysons remaining. What was this show going to do in season two? Shock surprise, her father’s framing was part of a deeper conspiracy involving characters we have yet to meet. Any time words like “conspiracy” or “cabal” show up in a network drama, run.

Season two so far hasn’t been so much about revenge.  The show should be called “Treading Water.” Sure, there are dramatic things happening but the main premise of the show has been tossed out the window for the time being.  Instead of causing damage, Emily has been reacting and responding and it’s been far from entertaining. It’s become a daytime soap opera with a prime time budget.

Maybe they can find a way to turn it all around but it appears Revenge would be been a dish best served by a single season.


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