Movie of the Week: The Man with the Iron Fists

I didn’t expect this movie to be good by any stretch of the imagination but I at least hoped it would be really fun. It wasn’t even that.

I know what The RZA (co-writer, director and star) was going for here.  He was clearly a fan of wuxia movies and tried to create one here with CGI. Those movies weren’t cinematic masterpieces either and maybe he should have drawn upon other influences.  The movie was poorly written and structured particularly the interruption of action to get into one character’s backstory.

There were a few entertaining performances by Russell Crowe (Jack Knife), Lucy Liu (Madam Blossom) and especially Byron Mann (Silver Lion).  Some of the action setpieces were cool particularly the final free-for-all at the Pink Blossom brothel but it wasn’t worth it. This is a straight-to-DVD film.  Wait for it to get there.


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