10 Rash Thoughts About the Season Two Finale of Homeland

The Choice

Don’t read if you haven’t seen the season two finale of Homeland, “The Choice.”

This has been a polarizing second season for the Emmy-winning Showtime series. After praising the season’s early episodes, it took a turn for the worse as the show put too much stock in the relationship between Brody and Carrie and “suspension of disbelief” became a weekly occurrence. Like many, I was hoping the finale would salvage all the faith and praise Homeland was given. So how did that work out?

  1. If you’ve ever seen or been near a federal building, you know that it would be physically impossible to get an SUV or any vehicle that close to the building.
  2. Even if that were physically possible, how was no one alarmed by an SUV pulling up in front of the memorial service since it was in direct view of all the attendees of the service which included CIA agents?
  3. How awful a line was Quinn’s “I kill bad guys”?
  4. Quinn went from being ready to kill Brody to being invested in Carrie’s happiness/sanity awfully quick.
  5. Given that all the evidence points to Brody blowing up all those people, I bet Quinn feels pretty pretty dumb right now.
  6. Now that Brody is possibly the most infamous white male in the world, how is going to Canada with a fake ID going to help?
  7. I would rather believe that Brody was behind the bombing because having Brody and Carrie sneak out of the memorial service right before a major terrorist attack occurred and it was just a coincidence is just too insulting1.
  8. Jessica making her kids watch Brody’s confession tape on the news is just “Parent of the Year” type material.
  9. “You are the smartest and dumbest fucking person I’ve ever known” should be the epitaph on Carrie Mathison’s tombstone.
  10. I think Saul was behind the bombing so he could convince his wife to come home.

1. On the Showtime page for Homeland, Alex Gansa pretty much confirms what Brody says happened in regard to Abu Nazir bomb from the grave. I’m insulted.


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