Don’t Call Me During…: Midseason 2012 – Mondays


Returning/New Shows:

9:00 PM – Being Human (SYFY; 1/14)
I’ve almost quit this show four times but then someone will convince me to go back.  The finale was so bleak that I have to know how they are going to write their way out of it.

9:00 PM – The Following (FOX; 1/21)
I’ve been anticipating this show since the summer. It looks a little intense for network television (even if it’s Fox). I’m terrfied it will be a great show, no one will watch it and it will get cancelled like Lone Star. I always thought James Purefoy (serial killer Joe Carroll) would become a huge star after playing Marc Antony in HBO’s Rome. It didn’t work out that way but better late than never.

10:00 PM – Lost Girl (SYFY; 1/14)
Lost Girl is one of my unempplyment shows.  If I had been working, I would have never had time to watch seasons one and two. But I wasn’t. So I did. Now I’m looking forward to season three.

The Rest:

8:00 PM – How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
8:00 PM – Bones (FOX)
10:00 PM – Castle (ABC)


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