Don’t Call Me During…: Midseason 2012 – Tuesdays


Returning/New Shows

8:00 PM – Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family; 1/8)
Look. I’m not proud of this but thanks to Netflix, I became hooked on this cheesy show about four girls being stalked by a bunch of people in hoodies in a town that apparently has no security cameras. I guess this will fill the void of shame I felt watching the recently concluded Gossip Girl.

10:00 PM – Cougar Town (TBS; 1/8)
The little show that refuses to die. I hope the show doesn’t drag because it could have easily ended with last season’s finale. This could be one of those “Now what?” seasons.

10:00 PM – Justified (FX; 1/8)
Season three was a little disappointing if only because season two was so perfect. There were just too many villains, too many schemes and not enough Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) bring Raylan. Hopefully, season four will be a return to form.

The Rest

8:00 PM – Raising Hope (FOX)
8:30 PM – Ben and Kate (FOX)
9:00 PM – New Girl (FOX)
9:30 PM – The Mindy Project (FOX)
10:00 PM – Parenthood (NBC)


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