Don’t Call Me During…: Midseason 2012 – Thursdays


Returning/New Shows:

8:00 PM – Community (NBC; 2/7)
I can’t wait to watch the Christmas episode in April. Thanks, NBC. Maybe they’ll actually advertise the episodes this time around.

8:00 PM – Zero Hour (ABC; 2/14)
It’s nice to see ABC hasn’t given up trying to recreate Lost. They always fail but I always enjoy the attempts.

10:00 PM – Archer (FX; 1/17)
How did H. Jon Benjamin end up on the two funniest cartoons on television?

The Rest:

8:00 PM – The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
8:30 PM – Parks and Recreation (NBC)
9:00 PM – Person of Interest (CBS)
9:00 PM – Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
10:00 PM – Scandal (ABC)
10:00 PM – Elementary (CBS)


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