Early Registration

bibsIt seems like only a year ago we were registering for our wedding.  That was a little overwhelming but still a little fun.  Cindy and I knew what kind of things we’d like for ourselves or what would be cool to have. It was building our home together piece by piece. Last weekend, we went into Babies R’ Us to begin the baby registry process. Overwhelming, yes.  Fun, not so much.

We walked through the store once again armed with the scanner gun to add things to the registry. As we went aisle to aisle, we realized we knew nothing about what Baby Meatball needs. We added four items to our list and left.

Later that evening, Cindy put me in charge of the baby registry (since she’s in charge of the gestating). I started going to all the baby blogs – particularly Lucie’s List – to see what items came highly recommended and was considered necessary. I also polled a few of my friends who weren’t that far removed from having a baby shower to see what they thought. With a few exceptions, everyone had differing opinions which became frustrating after awhile.

The fact is every baby is different and they are going to gravitate and respond to different things. Considering how expensive baby stuff is, I’m afraid of picking the wrong thing for Baby Meatball.  What if he hates the baby carrier? What if the bottle makes him gassy? What if he hates his Batman doll1? I don’t want people wasting their money.

Speaking of expensive, DAAAAAMMMNN! I had no idea.  I’ve been working on this registry for a week and it really let me know just how expensive babies really are.  You hear people say it all the time but I always thought they were talking about doctor’s appointments and such. I am even more grateful to the friends and family who offered us secondhand items.

One thing that I have heard consistently is that we don’t need to register for clothes.  People will either give you clothes whether you ask for them or not.  That said, I could resist putting a few geeky ones on the registry and having this onesie custom-made:

RobinI hope he’s ready to be our sidekick (before he realizes he’s actually the boss).

1. Who are we kidding? If this child hates his Batman toys, I want a paternity test.  I’m kidding.


5 thoughts on “Early Registration

  1. Try to worry too much about all the “stuff.” There are so many items I bought that I never used. Just focus on the basics — where the meatball will sleep, a car seat, and a place to put him when you just want him to hang out. Everything else is optional! Well, except for diapers. Those you really need.

  2. Commence flurry of advice to add to all the contradicting opinions you’ll hear: Very much agree with Christine. Bottles*, diapers, car seat. We used a convertible car seat from Day 1; if you end up with a Britax I’d be happy to send you guys the newborn insert. Craigslist for baby carrier. Skype as a video monitor; websites/apps for white noise. If I had to choose one slightly more expensive item to endprse it would be a good swing- lifesaver on the sleep front for the first several months. And Babies’R’Us is highway robbery. Seriously, everyone gives BRU gift cards because babies, but there’s a 30% markup over Amazon on pretty much everything there. It’s horrible.

    *One or two of a couple of different kinds, in case baby prefers one over another. Have you checked into whether a pump is covered by insurance, assuming that’s in the plan?

  3. i love that bib! here is my unsolicited advice: efff any unsolicited advice you get, it is your and cindylu’s meatball. you two will know what is best for your meatball. hugs.

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