In The Waiting Line

38 WeeksA week ago, I was sitting in my cubicle and my phone rang.  It was Cindy. Cindy NEVER calls me. We’ll text message, instant message and even e-mail each other but unless it’s something that requires immediate attention, we never call each other.

“Is this it?,” I thought. I mentally started preparing to ask one of my co-workers to drive me home and shutting down my computer before I answered the phone and slowly said “Helloooo?” Turns out Cindy wanted to ask me if I wanted to go on the Maternity Tour at Kaiser Permanente that afternoon.  I didn’t tell her until later how the mere fact that she called me freaked me out a little. In retrospect, I wasn’t THAT freaked out.

As you enter the final weeks of pregnancy, I think there are three stages that you go through:

1) “Not Today”: Initially I thought this would only include the time before the baby is full term. But even when we made it past that milestones, there were days I thought to myself, “I hope the baby doesn’t come today” for a variety of reasons that were sometimes legitimate and sometimes ridiculous such as:

  • I hope the baby doesn’t come before we finish the nursery (even though he probably won’t be sleeping in there for awhile).
  • I hope the baby doesn’t come before or during the baby shower.
  • I hope the baby doesn’t come before we put away all this stuff we got from the baby shower.
  • I hope the baby doesn’t come before we pack our hospital bag.
  • I hope the baby doesn’t come while we’re so far away from our hospital.

2)I’m Ready”: I say this totally understanding that you are never really ready but there’s a point where you feel that you are mentally prepared for the chaos to begin. You’ve done your reading, attended the classes, gotten the nursery ready and packed your bag. You’re not ready to deal with a lack of sleep, poopy diapers and a crying baby but you’re ready to officially not be ready to handle this baby.

3) “Hurry Up”: We all want the baby to come when he’s good and ready but could he be good and ready today?  No one wants to talk to you unless you have baby news.  You’ve probably heard “Get sleep while you can” 100 times. It’s like when you go to school and they announce that there’s going to be a fire drill at some point in the day. You can’t get too comfortable because eventually that bell will ring and you’ll have to drop everything and head out the door. That’s how the last two weeks at work have felt.

Cindy’s due date is tomorrow.  Only 5% of women give birth on their due date so I’m not expecting anything to happen.  But I was a due date baby so hopefully I’ve passed that on to him.


One thought on “In The Waiting Line

  1. My stages went like this:
    – Final month – “Hurry Up (I can’t breef!)”
    – 38 weeks – “Not Today (I’m not ready!)”
    – Due date – “I’m Ready (Come out and play!)”

    I was induced four days past my due date and baby made his appearance 36 hours after I arrived at the hospital.

    Best wishes to you both and thanks for sharing your journey!

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