50 Things I’m Looking Forward to with Xavier Carlos


It has been a surreal six days since Xavier Carlos was born last week (Cindy posted the details). Since we found out Cindy was pregnant, I have been fantasizing about what we would do together as a family. It’s nice to finally be able to put a face with my dreams.

Being that I’ve only been a parent for six days, I’m sure there are things on this list that I may come to regret (and I totally expect seasoned parents to let me know it) but here are the first 50 things that came to mind:

  1. First time I get to hold him
  2. Seeing him smile for the first time
  3. First time he laughs because of something I did (intentionally)
  4. First time he laughs because of something I did (unintentionally)
  5. When I get to feed him with a bottle
  6. When he sleeps on top of me
  7. When he starts crawling
  8. When he can stand with help
  9. When he walks for the first time
  10. Watching one of my family favorite movies (The Iron Giant, Toy Story, The Lion King) together and he likes it
  11. Playing catch
  12. First time at the beach
  13. Going to the playground and pushing him on the swings
  14. Dressing him up for Halloween
  15. Going to the comic shop
  16. Going to Dodgers Stadium
  17. Going to Yankees Stadium
  18. Introducing him to his grandparents and uncle in New York
  19. Introducing him to my NY friends
  20. First professional family photo
  21. His Baptism
  22. First Christmas
  23. First Birthday party (which is more for us than him)
  24. First Birthday party that he remembers
  25. Reading him bedtime stories
  26. Having him tell me he wants to hear a particular bedtime story
  27. Learning the alphabet
  28. Learning to spell
  29. Learning to read
  30. Watching him settle on a favorite toy
  31. Our first “Why”/”Because” conversation
  32. Taking him for walks in the stroller
  33. Taking him for walks with the baby carrier
  34. Sticking him in a kid seat of a shopping cart
  35. Marking his height on the wall
  36. When he learns to share
  37. Teaching him to use the potty
  38. When he can brush his teeth
  39. When he starts saying “please” and “thank you” not just because we taught him to but because he understands the concepts
  40. Going to the Aquarium of the Pacific
  41. Going to the zoo
  42. First time he calls me “dada”, “papa”, “daddy” or whichever he decides
  43. First time he tells me “I love you too”
  44. First time he tells me “I love you” just because
  45. Getting kisses
  46. Getting hugs (and not just because he wants me to pick him up)
  47. When kissing one of his injuries makes him feel better
  48. Dressing him in all the geeky stuff before he can make fashion choices for himself
  49. The first time he is excited to see me after I’ve been gone at work
  50. The first time he does something bad but it’s so silly, I can’t even really be mad

I will try and update this list with photos where they apply. We’ll see how well that goes.


7 thoughts on “50 Things I’m Looking Forward to with Xavier Carlos

  1. also look forward to the every day moments — when he’s old enough to recognize you, and gives a big smile when you go into his room every morning…and the smile that greets you when you walk in the door at the end of the day. My other favorite part is watching my kid figure things out…simple things like cause and effect, but also how to pet the pug nicely (we’re still working on that). In the beginning, they change every day physically, but after a year, like where London is right now, she is changing intellectually. Week to week, she is picking up new habits, dropping old ones. I love watching her make her way in the world.

  2. This is an amazing and extremely on point list. Everything that you put on here are things that I have experienced with Hannah and have come to cherish that moment. Welcome to the club. 🙂

  3. I dido what Christine said about how when your child recognizes you and they smile ear to ear, and when you’ve been gone and come home and he’ll come crawling to the door because he knows you’re home and then he sees you and smiles and starts “baby talking” to you. Those are some pretty sweet moments. I’m happy for you and Cindy that you get to experience the joys of parenthood… and that’s coming from a guy that’s only been at it for 10.5 months. I too look forward to many of those same things you have on your list Sean.

  4. I am too far down on your list because I can assure you you cannot even comprehend what that moment will be like

  5. Pretty good list… but entirely too sweet. But I get it, you’re still in that new parent honeymoon period. These moments will indeed be precious, heart warming and cherished. However, look out for these too:

    1. The first time you are projectile pooped/vomited upon.
    2. The first time he tells you no and MEANS it
    3. The first time he creates artwork on your comics.
    4. Dislodging something important from the toilet.
    5. Discovering the first time he gets a pea/rock/raisin stuck in his ear/nose
    6. THE GREAT UNKNOWN. mwahahahahahahaaaaaa!

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