11 More Things I’ve Done with Xavier Carlos


I’ve been asked a few times how I was coming along with my list of 50 Things I’m Looking Forward to Doing with Xavier Carlos. I thought it was due for an update.

2. Seeing him smile for the first time


His first smiles were in his sleep usually after he ate. Eventually, he started smiling when he saw Cindy’s face after a nap and at the sound of her voice. Now it seems like smiling’s his favorite like Buddy the Elf.

3. First time he laughs because of something I did (intentionally)

Even I’m embarrassed by the silly things and sounds I will make to get him to laugh. Lately, it’s been my horrible Popeye laugh impression.

5. When I get to feed him with a bottle


This was a source of frustration especially as we got closer to Cindy’s return to work. Once we used the trick of having Cindy’s shirt near, he takes the bottle with no problem.

6. When he sleeps on top of me


For awhile, the only time he would let me hold him for long periods of time is when he was sleeping so I tried to take advantage whenever I could.

14. Dressing him up for Halloween


I wish we had taken him out trick or treating. We could have pimped his cuteness out for a lot of candy.

18. Introducing him to his grandparents and uncle in New York


Two out of three isn’t bad. My parents came out here and stayed for about three weeks. If they could have kidnapped Xavier, they would have.

19. Introducing him to my NY friends


Quite a few of my New York friends have come over to see Xavier but Christine was first.

22. First Christmas



He got a lot of great presents but all he really cared about was the tissue and wrapping paper.

32. Taking him for walks in the stroller


33. Taking him for walks with the baby carrier


48. Dressing him in all the geeky stuff before he can make fashion choices for himself


I killed two birds with one stone on Halloween.


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