Brief Thoughts on ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Empire Magazine Covers

Empire Magazine posted 25 covers featuring the characters (and director) of X-Men: Days of Future Past. You can see them all here.

I had some brief thoughts on the reveals yesterday.


How am I supposed to root for the X-Men when they are facing against my beloved Iron Giant?


Wait? When we last saw young Xavier, he was [SPOILERS FOR X-MEN: FIRST CLASS] accidentally paralyzed by Magneto and the audience is supposed to be like “Aw, they were friends and now he paralyzed. That’s messed up.” Does this mean we’re going to see Xavier paralyzed AGAIN? [END SPOILERS]


I always wonder if Jennifer Lawrence regrets signing a multi-picture deal now that she’s Oscar-Winner Jennifer Lawrence. Maybe Oscar Winner Natalie Portman sends her encouraging texts.


Where do I begin? First, this looks like a mess. He doesn’t have to look like Quicksilver in the comic because that costume is almost as ridiculous as this one. Also, Quicksilver is supposed to be Magento’s son in the comics. Are we not doing that now?


[SPOILERS FOR THE WOLVERINE] Nice to know they are being consistent with Wolverine losing his adamantium at the end of The Wolverine which is set in the “present” [SPOILERS END]




Even in dystopic future, black don’t crack.


Well, dreads are better than the Jheri curl mullet Bishop was rocking in the comics in the 90’s.


Sunspot? Ok, clearly Bryan Singer started to run out of mutants to put into this movie.


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