Best of Xavi Year Two to Three: September

I take a lot of photos of Xavi. A lot. Too many. I thought I’d spend the next eleven days before Xavi turns three sharing my favorite photo for each month of his not-so-terrible Two’s.

One of the benefits of not having a job when we first got to Ithaca was that I had the option to tag along anytime Cindy had to travel for work. This day, Cindy had to go to Syracuse for the day for a meeting. After we dropped Cindy off, Xavi and I went to Rosamond Gifford Zoo (Cindy was later bummed that she missed one of Xavi’s firsts but I couldn’t think of anywhere to take Xavi).

Xavi wasn’t that into it at first.  His mother just left the car.  It was kinda hot with not a lot of shade. We had to do two laps around the zoo before he finally was interested in the tiger and elephants. However, he did love this baby elephant statue. I’m not in a lot of photos with Xavi because I’m usually the guy behind the camera. There was a small ledge that I was able to prop the camera on a set the timer. It took a couple tries but one of them came out okay.


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