Best of Xavi Year Two to Three: December

I take a lot of photos of Xavi. A lot. Too many. I thought I’d spend the next eleven days before Xavi turns three sharing my favorite photo for each month of his not-so-terrible Two’s. 


Xavi is not a big fan of the cold and frankly neither am I.  Sometimes we get a little bit of cabin fever so Xavi will just run up and down the halls and jump up and down on the bed until I stop him.

I don’t take a lot of photos of Xavi when we’re just hanging out at home but that doesn’t stop my mother from texting me about having not seen any new photos. I went to take a couple to satisfy the grandparents and let Xavi jump on the bed while I got my camera ready.  I tried to get a couple of not blurry ones but I’m not very good at shutter speed (I’m not a photographer. I just have a semi-decent camera).  I liked this one because you can see how much hair we’re dealing with here.




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