Best of Xavi Year Two to Three: January

I take a lot of photos of Xavi. A lot. Too many. I thought I’d spend the next eleven days before Xavi turns three sharing my favorite photo for each month of his not-so-terrible Two’s. 


While Xavi does hate the cold, he does love playing in snow. He usually wants to go outside when he sees there is snow but once we get out there, it takes about 10-15 minutes before his hate for cold overtakes his love for snow.

There were only two real snowstorms that happened while I was home with Xavi (at least that’s how it felt). The first time I took Xavi out to play in the snow, it was below 10 degrees and he was over being outside almost immediately. This was from the second time where it was slightly warmer and Xavi was more willing. He generally just likes the sound the snow makes when he steps in it but he accidentally fell. Then he really got into it. 



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