Best of Xavi Year Two to Three: March

I take a lot of photos of Xavi. A lot. Too many. I thought I’d spend the next eleven days before Xavi turns three sharing my favorite photo for each month of his not-so-terrible Two’s. 

I always have a goal of trying to get a photo of Xavi at different holidays for fun.  Easter was no different. This was the first time we were spending Easter in New York and at my parents.  I don’t know why we bought him an Easter outift since we didn’t go anywhere  except for church that day (and he ended up falling asleep during Mass).

Unlike our two Easters in Hacienda Heights (2014, 2015), it was a chilly and windy day. I tried to get a photo of Xavi outside to continue the tradition but Xavi was miserable.  The wind kept blowing hair in his face and he just wanted to go back inside. I had given up on getting an Easter photo but when we got back inside, I was able to coax a smile out of him.


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