Best of Xavi Year Two To Three: June

I take a lot of photos of Xavi. A lot. Too many. I thought I’d spend the next eleven days before Xavi turns three sharing my favorite photo for each month of his not-so-terrible Two’s. 


We were in Los Angeles for the wedding of Cindy’s brother, Adrian. Xavi was the ring bearer. We were worried that he might toss the ring or run down the aisle. He was fine but he fell asleep ten minutes after he made it down the aisle and could be heard snoring during the wedding. You win some. You lose some.

On Memorial Day, we thought it would be fun to take the new (to us) Metro train down to the Santa Monica Pier. It sounded like a good idea but because it was Memorial Day, the train was incredibly packed and the pier even more so. Somehow Xavi has never been to the beach while we lived in Los Angeles. It’s probably because I’m terrified of him getting sand in his hair.

We didn’t bring any water gear for Xavi or ourselves but we just covered him in sunscreen and headed towards the water. Xavi loved the waves coming in and hitting his feet while his grandmother or mother swung his legs. His Aunt Lori took a turn and was a little too slow pulling Xavi away from the wave but while she got ready for the next one, I luckily snapped this picture.


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