Don’t Call Me During…: Fall 2012 – Wednesdays

9:00 pm: Modern Family (ABC; 10/26)
The show is getting more hit or miss as it ages.  The characters who were breakouts – Phil (Ty Burrell) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) are now becoming overwhelming. Also, the way the writers make the two wives – Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and Claire (Julie Bowen) – increasingly shrill is borderline sexist.

10:00 pm: Nashville (ABC; 10/10)
My most anticipated new show this season.  Why?  Connie Britton.  After her performance as Tami Taylor in Friday Night Lights, I would watch any show that she starred in.  Speaking of which…

10:00 pm: American Horror Story (FX; 10/17)
I watched the first few episodes because it starred the aforementioned Britton but it was just too silly.  Then I heard all the buzz after the Halloween episode aired and came back.  I don’t regret watching it but if I had missed it, I think I would have been okay with that. I’m actually curious how this will work with some returning actors playing different characters in a different story.

10:30 pm: Key & Peele (COM; 10/26)
I’m hoping the consistency of the skits improve in season two.  The funny skits are hilarious and stayed with me.  The bad skits, however, have this insular quality like you can tell they are the only two people who would find this funny.

Advertisements Endorses Modern Family

Easily the best new show this Fall (it was neck and neck with Community but it pulled away in the last two episodes)

Why I endorse this show:

  • With the documentary style, the huge cast and humor being derived from the variety of combination, it reminds me of one of my favorite comedies of all-time, Arrested Development
  • I’ve been a fan of Ty Burrell since Zack Snyder’s remake of Dawn of the Dead so I’m happy he’s getting a chance to shine
  • Eric Stonestreet as Cam is maybe the third funniest character on TV right now (Behind Charlie from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory)
  • Sofia Vergara.
  • Ed O’Neill playing an alternate universe Al Bundy.
  • This has been my favorite scene thus far.

So listen to me and watch it so it will have great ratings and never get canceled like every other new show I love.

Would I ever steer you wrong about TV?