Melanism’s 10 Favorite Superhero Movies

After watching Captain America: The First Avenger, my second thought1 after walking out of the movie was “Where does this rank amongst comic book movies?” Later that evening, I was inspired to try and rank all the superhero movies I’d seen. That task proved to be too daunting (mostly because I check quibbling with the order) but I didn’t want the idea to go to waste so here are my top 10.

To make it easier on myself, I’m only including movies based on comic books about superheroes (eliminating Road To Perdition, Unbreakable2 and The Incredibles).

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2008: 15 Favorite Movies

I’m not going to bother trying to list them in order of best to least best but I will say that Wall-E, The Dark Knight and The Wrestler were my three favorite movies of the year (in that order).

In alphabetical order:

  1. The Dark Knight
  2. Definitely, Maybe
  3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  4. Frost/Nixon
  5. Hellboy II: The Golden Army
  6. Iron Man
  7. Milk
  8. Rachel Getting Married
  9. Revolutionary Road
  10. RockNRolla
  11. Role Models
  12. Slumdog Millionaire
  13. Tropic Thunder
  14. Wall-E
  15. The Wrestler

Movie of the Week: Iron Man

How good was Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark? So good in fact that you don’t realize that it takes an hour for him to suit up and actually blow something up as Iron Man.

What was so great about this movie was that Jon Favreau had the confidence to spend a majority of the movie on the character of Tony Stark which is crazy considering Tony Stark/Iron Man isn’t exactly Superman, Spider-Man and Batman in the collective consciousness. Because of that, this movie could have easily fallen apart in the hands of the wrong star but RDJ was more than up to the task.

This was really Robert Downey Jr’s show. I was excited he was cast as Tony Stark and couldn’t think of a better person to play him. Hopefully, this will mean bigger things for him (but I hope Marvel Studios has him locked up contractually for their future movie endeavors)

The casting was great all around especially Jeff Bridges as Obidiah Stane and Gwenyth Paltrow as Pepper Potts. Hopefully Terrance Howard gets a bigger role in the sequel (as was alluded to)

There were a lot of great Marvel comics winks (I loved the recurring S.H.E.I.L.D. joke) and at this point you should know to stick around until the end of the credits.