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Mixtape For No One #5 – Best of ‘09 Part II

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Here are some more of my favorite tracks this year. Part II is intentionally mellow.  I’m depressed or anything.  Tomorrow will be more upbeat. 🙂

  1. “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear (Veckatimest)
  2. “Daniel” by Bat For Lashes (Two Suns)
  3. “Stillness Is The Move” by Dirty Projectors (Bitte Orca)
  4. “Chasing Pirates” by Norah Jones (The Fall)
  5. “Carol Brown” by Flight Of The Conchords (I Told You I Was Freaky)
  6. “Heartbreak Warfare” by John Mayer (Battle Studies)
  7. “Human of the Year” by Regina Spektor (Far)
  8. “New Ways Of Living” by Lavender Diamond (Score! 20 Years Of Merge Records: The Covers!)
  9. “Off I Go” by Greg Laswell
  10. “Oliver” by Gemma Hayes (Oliver)
  11. “The Party” by St. Vincent (Actor)
  12. “The Chain” by Ingrid Michaelson (Everybody)
  13. “Hideaway” by Karen O and the Kids (Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack)
  14. “The Hazards of Love 4” by The Decemberists (The Hazards of Love)

My 50 Favorite Albums of the 00s

This was much harder than the “My 50 Favorite Television Shows of the 00s” list. When I started the television list, I singled out 70 shows or so and cut it down to 50. It took me three days to come up with a first draft of albums and I ended up with 185! I was going to just do a list of 100 but I like consistency so I whittled the list down to 50.  The closer I got to 50, the sadder I got as I had to delete albums I loved off the list. After how depressing it ended up being bringing this list down to 50, a) I won’t even try to single out a top 10 (although I think “Kid A” would be my favorite album) and b) sorry, Karen, I won’t even attempt a 50 Favorite Singles list.

A couple of notes:

  • Just a reminder, I am not saying these are the 50 BEST albums in the last decade, these are the ones I am most fond of
  • Apparently my best years for music was 2000 and 2002 as nine albums from each year made the list.
  • Nothing released this year made the list and only two albums from 2008
  • Only Jay-Z and Radiohead have more than one album on the list (unless you count Jenny Lewis twice for her solo and Rilo Kiley)

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