My Better Half: Carlsbad Half Marathon 2012

Carlsbad Half Marathon medal

After having a rough go of it during the Long Beach Half Marathon, I had one goal this time around: comfort. While running Long Beach, I definitely pushed myself to run fast (or as fast as I was running during my training) and that ended up wearing me out early in the race. When I started training for this race, I decided to focus more on running at a comfortable pace and trying to avoid setting speed goals. If it felt like I was getting tired, I would just slow down but not stop.

A few weeks before the race, I started to get pain in both of my feet. It felt like plantar fasciitis. I also had foot pain before Long Beach but this time it didn’t affect my training too much. It mostly hurt when I woke up in the morning and if I stayed still for too long. So running actually made me feel better. Regardless, after my last long run, I stopped running a week before the marathon to give my feet a break.

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